NEW YORK, NY- DominiRican Productions, an award winning BIPOC + LGBT owned production company is proud to partner with The Latiné Musical Theater Lab to present the second edition of 4xLatiné of 2023!

The performances will be presented at Pregones Puerto Rican Traveling Theater on Friday, July 14th at 7pm. Tickets are $15 and currently available at

4xLatiné, made possible by The Miranda Family Fund, is a live performance of four, fifteen-minute excerpts of new Latiné-written musicals, which will help to develop works-in-process and showcase these works to collaborators, producers, and theaters. DominiRican Production’s co-founder, Pierre Jean Gonzalez and Ryan Morales Green, founder of The Latiné Musical Theater Lab come together to bring you the second edition of 4xLatiné of 2023 at the historic Puerto Rican Traveling Theater July 14th at 7pm.

Pierre Jean Gonzalez is slated to direct, Cómo Correr and Siluetas. Zavala Zavala and Divergentes. Un Musical Diverso will be directed by Braulio Basilio. With Music Director Alejandro Senio.

The Latiné Musical Theatre Lab, LLC is an NYC-based organization that develops and advocates for new Latiné-written works of musical theater in order to radically change who gets to tell musical stories on stages across the country. Formed in November 2021, their programs have already assisted dozens of new shows and their writers – all at no cost to the writers themselves!

DominiRican Productions was founded in 2020 by Pierre Jean Gonzalez and Cedric Leiba Jr. with a mission to see People of Color on both sides of the camera. Along with their partner Steven Luna they aspire to create content that represents the underrepresented and create opportunities for marginalized communities. Along with producing and developing new, original works, DominiRican Productions is eager to collaborate with other organizations and visionaries with similar missions and values.

Come to PRTT and join us as we celebrate Latiné excellence and artistry!


Music by Robi Hager
Lyrics by Robi Hager and Erlina Ortiz Directed by Pierre Jean Gonzalez

Music Director: Alejandro Senior


KO (Karen Olivo) Marissa Ghavami Florencia Cuenca Garrick Vaughn Guillermo R Jemmott Jr Michael De Souza

Dinora, a Cuban-American immigrant, and Khalilah, a Syrian refugee, find themselves living together amidst a charged 2016 presidential campaign, the lifting of the Cuban embargo, and the escalation of the Syrian Civil War. As a result of their developing, and sometimes tumultuous friendship, they learn about forgiveness, radical love and the true meaning of home. Sileutas has received a lot of attention and discusses a number of topics that often make the news, but don’t often end up in our popular entertainment.

Zavala Zavala

Book by Anna Deeny Morales Music by Brian Arreola Directed by Braulio Basilio

Music Director: François Suhr


Johanna Carlisle Zepeda J.J. Caruncho Amanda Robles Luca Silva

A cross between an opera and a prayer, ZAVALA-ZAVALAheartbreakingly intimates the true journey of Honduran-born Natividad Zavala-Zavala and her grandson across the United States border. When she is forced to return to her home country in 2017, Natividad’s grandson is taken from her. He remains missing to this day. The struggle of those caught up in this nightmare is captured in this even blend of spoken word, song and music. This opera is a reverent, elegant take on a sensitive topic that many have unsuccessfully tried to bring to the stage.

Divergentes, Un Musical Diverso

Book by Felipe Vásquez-Encamilla & Pablo Concha Lyrics by Felipe Vásquez-Encamilla
Music by Julio Vaquero
Directed by Braulio Basilio

Music Director: Alejandro Senior


Diana Pou
Jorge Echeverrí Yepes Gilberto Gilberto Gabriel Leseili Cruz

Divergentes, which is performed entirely in Spanish, involves a range of converging stories centered on the LGBTQ+ experience in a semi-reimagined Chile. A group of friends experiences heartbreak, love and loss on the road to learning about their identities, their pasts, and their futures. This musical lovingly addresses homophobia, violence, trans rights, and HIV in the context of Latine communities- something noticeably absent from the musical theatre stage

Cómo Correr

Book, Music, & Lyrics by Nico Raimont Directed by Pierre Jean Gonzalez


Mateo Lizcano Pablo Torres
Troy D. Wallace Danny Borba Joziyah Patrick Jean-Felix

Como Correr follows Tomi Russo, a high school senior tortured by his ADHD, insecurity and depression. Split between preparing for college and following his musical dreams, Tomi’s life is interrupted when handsome and free-thinking Camilo comes to town and awakens something that has lain dormant in Tomi for quite a while. Como Correr is a coming-of-age comedy that explores the intersection of issues such as mental health, Latinidad, queerness, and political conflict during the Pre-Trump era of 2016 in the absurd nowheresville of Broward County, Florida.