DominiRican Productions will be producing and filming four NEW shorts that will not only showcase our beautiful and talented writers, but will continue supportting our mission of bringing Latiné and LGBTQIA stories to the masses. We are shooting our first two films in December, and tho we have been able to raise most of the funds needed to make these first two films, we truly NEED the financial support from our communities to properly fund ALL four movies. If you have it in your heart and want to align yourself with our vision and mission, PLEASE consider making a donation to our “NEW WORKS!” We thank you in advance for your love, support and financial gift! To donate, visit HERE!

Our NEW WORKS titles and phenomenal writers:

UNTIL RAY by Sol Marina Crespo

THE ODD YEAR by B.C. Villalona

OUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS by Marco Antonio Rodriguez

HOBBIES by Steven Luna