SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, August 27th, we’re presenting a 22-Minute documentary about the return of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and Caridad aka La Bruja’s new role as Executive Director of the cafe, the very place she started as a NuYorican Poet.

It’s been such an honor to capture this story and to work alongside such beautiful talented souls at the Nuyorican  . From the moment we stepped into this space to film, you could feel the love and the energy; the history of the space vibrating through the air. We hope we were able to honor this historic space.

La Bruja has such an incredible story and journey, and somehow it feels like it’s just beginning all over again at the very place she started. She’s such a light and we can’t say enough good things about how joyous it is to capture it in front of the camera.

Shoutout to one of our very own who directed this project alongside Caridad, as well as was the Director of Photography AND the lead editor on the project, Steven B. Luna!! Viktor Fernando Pacheco provided additional cinematography on the project, Flordalis Espinal shot some phenomenal super 8 footage, Ruben Morales gave us some incredible sound recording as usual 🙏🏽💫

See you all on August 27th. See a preview here.