EXCITED to announce that DominiRican Productions had the privilege of filming Pregones/PRTT and highlighting the incredible work of Jorge Merced and his deep passion in mentoring and highlighting Latiné, LGBTQIA stories. The documentary will be aired nationwide on ALL ARTS! Extremely grateful to have been a part of honoring our beautiful and talented community!

“The American story is incomplete without queer stories, without Latino stories, without Black stories.”

How did a new millennium of queer storytelling develop in the South Bronx? Latine theater makers, including Jorge Merced, Virginia Grise, Charles Rice González
and Edwin Sánchez, explore 10 years of the Asunción Playwrights Project in the
South Bronx at Pregones/PRTT in this episode of All Arts tv ‘s  TheFirstTwenty.

Our first nationally broadcast episode will premiere on PBS on April 12th at 8:00pm! Directed by our very own Pierre Jean Gonzalez and Cedric Leiba Jr and filmed/edited by our Director of Photography Steven Luna this is a DominiRican treat you can’t miss! So mark your calendars y’all, we goin national.