DominiRican Productions is grateful to have collaborated once again with Pregones/PRTT in the filming of this upcoming new piece, TORCHED! Blending both a cinematic and theatrical experience, the filming of TORCHED! was DominiRican’s first project at bringing LIVE theater virtually into the viewer’s home.

“Pregones/PRTT’s acting and music ensemble’s fresh take on the Bronx fires.

TORCHED! speaks to the now legendary era of the Bronx fires during the 1970s. Written and directed by Pregones/PRTT Artistic Director, Rosalba Rolón, with original music by Pregones/PRTT Musical Director, Desmar Guevara, this new work-in-progress foregrounds human stories often swept under the rug. The piece collects moments in the experience of those who lived through and survived the fires, those who are remembered as champions or adversaries of the people, and those who engaged in and later shrugged responsibility for the “arson for hire” racket. Alternating between 1970s and present day New York, between historic fact and poetic fiction, TORCHED! lifts the voices of victims, residents, workers, and firefighters who bravely disputed —and continue to dispute— the fabrications and accusations of the actual perpetrators and accomplices in the ruination of an entire community.”